The Camel Trot 2023 Course

(course changes effective 06/30/2023)

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Course Notes (updated 06/30/2023):

  • Upon arrival, all persons will enter the main terminal entrance and walk through the building to the registration desk. Volunteer staff will be present to assist you.
  • All persons must stay in the red-dotted apron area between the Camel Caravan advocacy bus and the terminal building. Persons are permitted anytime in the common areas of the terminal building, such as the restrooms.
  • The Green section of the course map is the same going out and returning to the start/finish. The Red section is a one-way loop and is all on the property of DirectLink.
  • In the DirectLink area, there may be a few workers using the parking lots. Use caution and watch for moving vehicles.
  • The course will be marked with flour and there will also be "The Camel Trot" directional signs at strategic locations.
  • This can be a challenging course. The course is mostly pavement in good condition. As shown on the map, there is a section of grass and a section with rough and broken pavement in both directions. There are two moderate hills in both directions.
  • 1 mile Fun Run/Walk section of course is mostly flat with a short hill section near the turnaround and well-paved.
  • 5K will take place rain or shine. Weather permitting, there will be a water station near the entrance of the DirectLink property (the Red-lined section of the course map).
  • Map/notes accurate as of 06/20/23. Changes may occur at any time due to updated security rules and other concerns.
  • Thanks to everyone for attending and for your cooperation in making this another great Camel Trot!


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