Level Two: Elimination Specialist Certification

Price: $69.00


Level Two: Elimination Specialist*
This two-hour program, starting at Noon to 2:00 pm, est., is designed for individual educators, parents, and/or staff at schools, youth-focused organizations, government departments, or corporate leadership. Please note: topics will discuss suicide, abuse, illegal drugs, and may include unfiltered and frank language.

Why become a Certified Elimination Specialist through The Camel Project?

You will increase your knowledge base to recognize and identify the need for all community members to thrive in a safe, non-judgmental and caring environment as an advocate to lead in addressing bullying, inclusive, and equity programs that foster a positive climate. Awareness, prevention, and sustainable programs increase emotional, physical, and mental health and balance in communities. Participating in experiential activities empowers and encourages stakeholders to take responsibility for their behavior and charges them with becoming caregivers and guardians of the community.

 You can become an advocate and leader for programs and policies supporting a safe, non-judgmental, and caring environment in your community. As part of the Camel Project team, you can take the lead in designing and implementing bullying programs.


  • Define the signs and symptoms of bullying and other unwanted behaviors
  • Identify the symptoms that lead to the root cause
  • Learn the tools to address behaviors by understanding the cause
  • Open to understanding others
  • Balance mental, physical and emotional health
  • Recognize when professional help is needed
  • Open and transparency communications plans
  • Establish standards and personal codes of conduct for everyone

  All certifications include:

  • 12 Month certification as an Elimination Specialist,
  • 12 Month membership in the Camel Coalition, click here for details.
  • 8 (eight) one-hour group support sessions, TBA
  • 2 (two) 15-minute one-on-one sessions**
  • Access to private Camel Coalition Facebook group - for exchanging of ideas give/take
  • Certification renewal will be offered annually


* Attendees are required to participate in Level One: Intro: Deconstructing the Culture of Bullying (free) prior to certification.

**Required to maintain certification status.

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