The Camel Trot 2019 - Runners feedback and comments

We sent an email survey to all runners and walkers after the event. Below are some of the comments, likes and dislikes we received. We thank everyone who participated and welcome your suggestions on how to improve the Trot for 2020. 

"I thought the race was really cool. I liked the venue and the people were very friendly."

"I'd recommend this event to friends, with the caveat that "moderately flat" means there are hills. But the course was scenic, and access to the airport terminal with real bathrooms was a HUGE plus!"

"The Camel Trot 5K was a well-organized event for its first year. The staff was friendly, helpful, and pleasant, the shirts were expertly done, there was a good turnout of people of all ages, and the venue was both surprising and unusual. The course began and ended at Reading Regional Airport, with both flat and slight hills in between. We "checked in" before the race inside the terminal. Overall, it was an enjoyable event, and I look forward to the 2nd Annual Camel Trot 5K."

"This was a fun race for a good cause with a very friendly staff."

"I came out to support a good cause and get in a run while doing it."

"The Camel Trot was a great event! The cause was near and dear, as children are affected by bullying every day. The event had a nice turnout with a great location! It was fun to run in the airport location! Looking forward to next year’s event!"

"Excellent well-run race! I’ll be back next year!"

"Super well run race."

"I know it would be hard but it would have been nice to run on the runway."

"Awesome venue to fight against Bullying. More vendor participation, especially for the elderly and kids overall... Loved the Race and the Cause!!"

"The 5K Camel Trot was very good and for a very good cause, bullying prevention."

"The Camel Trot was my first 5K experience and it was awesome! Very well organized, friendly staff, healthy snacks, and overall a terrific experience! And all for a great cause!"

"Only race that day of Memorial Day weekend!"

"Interesting running at the airport. Good cause to support."

"Location, indoor facilities, good snacks."

"I liked the course. I thought having it in the terminal was really cool."

"The camel on the t-shirt and medal! For an inaugural, it was pretty well run."

"Well done, and I like the airport setting (I'm a pilot, so I'm partial)."

"Well planned and well organized."

"We loved the location and the challenging hills."

"Great open course with flat roads."

"I liked it all."

"Everyone was friendly and encouraging. Good cause."

"The course was challenging and terrain variation was fun."

"The cause."

"Supporting a good cause on a beautiful day."

"Great cause."

"It was well-organized. There as a good variety of snacks."


"Course, cause, volunteers showing the way and were encouraging."

"Very organized for a first-time run!! The course was AWESOME. Mostly flat and paved."

"The venue was very nice and the course was excellent to have a run."

"Fruit after the run."

"The location- I have never done/seen a race there."

"The entire experience."


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