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We sent an email survey to attendees of The Camel Project Community Champion Award Gala on October 17, 2020 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Reading in Reading, PA. honoring Exeter Jr. High School. Below are some of the comments, likes and dislikes we received. We thank everyone who participated and welcome your suggestions on how to improve the Gala for 2020.

"The 2019 Community Champion Gala is a wonderful opportunity to place bullying, and ways to eliminate it, at the forefront of our community conversation. Recognizing champions who take on bullying in effective and caring ways, inspires and motivates all of us to work to change hearts and heal souls."

"The whole night was first class. The dinner, service, and the award presentation were all outstanding."

"It was a moving and fun night. I would definitely like to go back."

"The inaugural Community Champion Gala was an amazing event. Recognizing leaders in our community who are fighting the fight against bullying is so important. The sharing and understanding that we all play a very important role in battling this behavior which takes place throughout our communities and schools is paramount. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a life changing initiative and look forward to the success of the program and changes in our communities."

"I would like to thank The Camel Project for recognizing the Exeter Jr High school for their work against bullying. It was a fantastic event. First class all the way."

"It was great to be in a room of like-minded people who are committed to make a difference with the bullying issue. I made many new acquaintances and got to talk to many wonderful people."

"The 2019 Community Champion Gala was a wonderful event. There was the perfect mix of promoting awareness of the seriousness of the state of bullying in our community, with the optimism that we CAN do something about this! The venue, food, staff, everything made it a most enjoyable cause-focused evening."

"It was an excellent view into the positive steps schools are taking to help stop bullying in Berks County."

"Great attendance, beautiful decorations, good venue/food/drink, short (time-conscious) program."

"Food, turnout, topic, setting, support.."

"It was very heartfelt. and I can tell that the organizers/speakers take this very personally."

"The meal and the staff were excellent. The silent auction was well received, and the people who spoke were brief, yet relevant to the theme."

"The whole decor and the vibe! The silent auction was a hit, and the documentary was compelling. The art was great as well."

"Well organized and presented. Subcommittees worked well to create a successful event."

"Very welcoming. Felt it moved well."

"Dinner was nice. Speakers were great! Video is neat as well!"

"Everything. It was an excellent event. Well organized for it being the first such event."

"The event was well organized. The silent auction and the donation card were a great way for attendees to further contribute to The Camel Project."

"Everything - the venue, the food, the decorations, the speaker, the discount for teachers/students, the welcoming atmosphere..."

"Loved the video."

"It was well formulated and everyone seemed so engaged and impacted by it."

"You were very organized. Great job Pam."


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