Certified Prevention Specialist


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Why become a Certified Prevention Specialist (CPS) through The Camel Project?

As a leader in your community, you will increase your knowledge base to recognize and identify the need for all community members to thrive in a safe, non-judgmental and caring environment as an advocate in addressing Bullying and other aggressive learned behaviors, inclusivity, and equity programs that foster a positive climate. In addition, the program Deconstructing the Culture of Bullying: Preventing Bullying-Based Violence in our Schools & Communities will help you improve your mental and emotional health, build more vital relationship skills, and manage stress.

Unresolved bullying behaviors in young people, if not interrupted, often result in bullying behaviors in adulthood. Thirty percent of workers reported Bullying, and nineteen percent witnessed Bullying affecting 79.3 million Americans in the workplace. The CPS program educates and equips communities to set standards with tools, strategies, and a wellness plan to address the destructive issues of trauma and abuse that stems from the aggressive learned behavior of Bullying. We deconstruct the culture of Bullying and the connection between emotions and behaviors resulting in chronic toxic adults.

It starts with you, but it's not about you!


  • Reduce Bullying based violence: suicide, abuse, addiction, dependency, and other aggressive behaviorsstoryblocks group of people showing the heart shape SDGpAblt5f
  • Deepen community and personal relationships
  • Increase morale, dignity, and pride
  • Integrate personal strategies for a social support
  • Personal and community accountability
  • Develop tools for self-awareness, self-identity, and self-regulation
  • Become a guardian and protector of others


 Our Certified Prevention Specialist program is perfect for:

  • Educators, retired or current teachers, parents,
  • Law and public safety officials, police officers, SRO, JPO, and correctional officers
  • Elected officials, departments directors, and staff
  • Community-Based Organization's leadership, staff, and volunteers,
  • Women leaders, parents, aunties, and grandmoms
  • Business Leaders: CEOs, Upper and Middle management, and staff. 

The four-hour workshop CPS training is offered throughout the year. Please watch the website for times, dates, and locations for enrollment for the training.
CPS is presented as one-hour sessions in four consecutive weeks, one-four sessions, or two two-hour sessions. We can customize times to meet your needs. It can be held on-site, at our location, or virtually. The training is most effective in groups of ten+ people. 

Additional Resources:

Becoming certified includes,

  • membership in the Camel Coalition, which provides access to additional support:
  • one-on-one member sessions,
  • group member sessions,
  • materials, and
  • learning events throughout the year.

*Member's sessions are "paid what you can if you can" as a donation to The Camel Project. Certifications are valid for twelve months and require renewal to continue Member status.

Become a trainer:

Each individual who completes the program in good standing and has completed an additional course can join our trainer team and conduct training.

Contact us for more information.