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A Message from Pam Gockley,
Executive Director of The Camel Project

During COVID 19, I find myself in the "underlying health issues" category, meaning that, after discussions with medical professionals, I cannot participate in volunteering, school, elder food preparation, or delivery of food and other essentials. So, I asked our board, how can The Camel Project, identify any trauma caused by COVID 19 and the nearly world-wide stay-at-home order?

After virtual-meetings with many people, The Camel Project team concluded we need to define the social impact of COVID 19, the stay-at-home, and physical distancing rules. We decided that the best way to accomplish this was to create an online Climate Assessment. The Climate Assessment is to (1) collect data to measure changes in our culture, (2) plan for the future, and (3) best serve youth and adults. Our initiative is to measure social skills, relationship skills, and communication channels as we re-enter a post-epidemic society. We seek to define how best to transition back into schools and the workplace, by preemptively identifying the specific mental health, social, and other types of support the community needs to provide.

How: Now, this is where you come in. We ask you to be part of this research. You can help with the transition to a healthy life after COVID 19 by completing this online assessment. Part 2 is coming in late summer. We've created Climate Assessment surveys, one for youth (12 – 17) and one for adults (18 +) in English and Spanish. Please share the link(s) at the right with your colleagues, staff, students, friends, and family.

We are confident that we are going to get past the COVID epidemic together.

Stay safe, many thanks, and keep in touch!

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