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B.E.L.L.Y. (Building Emotional Long-term Love for Yourself):

B.E.L.L.Y. is a goal-oriented, growth-focused understanding of thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions through interactive, experiential curriculum and exercises. Pam is a certified CBT practitioner, a modality of psychology, and a lead researcher, creator, and expert on Reputation Intelligence.

We engage with participatory/interactive circles to define over-thinking or inaccurate thinking with your head (analytical) and your heart (emotional). We look to the B.E.L.L.Y. to balance our thinking.


  1. Discover: Research and investigated "self".
  2. Defined Set personal standards, goals, and code of conduct.
  3. Develop Steps to implement the plan.
  4. Defend Monitor to ensure steps are being updated and behaviors match the goals. 

Outcomes from the B.E.L.L.Y. program:

  • Fosters Individual Innovation
  • Awareness & Discovery of Authentic Self
  • Identifies What is Essential
  • Beliefs system check-up
  • Creates a Custom Plan/Roadmap
  • Nurtures Healthy, Mutually-Beneficial Relationships
  • Self-Regulation & Management
  • Builds Confidence
  • Social connections and awareness
  • Disrupts Status Quo


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