PA CLE Program and Act 48 Approved

The Camel Project's Certified Prevention Specialist Program is now both Supreme Court of Pennsylvania CLE and PA. Dept. of Education Act 48 Approved

The Certified Prevention Specialist Program: Deconstructing the Culture of Bullying; Eliminating Bullying-Based Violence provided by The Camel Project can be used toward fulfilling the continuing education requirements for lawyers through the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania CLE Program for PA lawyers and for teachers and other educators under Pennsylvania Act 48. Below is an overview of the PA CLE program and Dept. of Education Act 48. Please contact us for more information.

CPS training dates are available now. Go here to enroll.

What is the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania CLE Program?*

 The CLE program is a permanent program adopted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania establishing minimum requirements for continuing legal education for Pennsylvania lawyers. The program was established by an order of the Supreme Court dated January 7, 1992 and is administered by the Continuing Legal Education Board.

The public properly expects that lawyers, in the practice of law, will maintain certain standards of professional competence and ethical behavior. The requirement for continuing legal education was established to ensure that, throughout their careers, lawyers admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania remain current regarding the law and maintain the requisite knowledge and skill necessary to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

What is Act 48?**

Ensuring that all Pennsylvania children receive the high-quality education that they deserve requires an effective educator in every classroom. It is essential to have school and district leadership who are focused on raising achievement. Pennsylvania's educators – from classroom teachers to district superintendents – are the most important components of educational success.

As professionals in an ever-changing society, the Pennsylvania's educators are required to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills, just as lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other licensed professionals. Pennsylvania's educator professional development law, known as Act 48 of 1999 describes the requirements that apply to certified educational professionals. Professional development must be based on sound research and promising practices of educator effectiveness, consistent with 24 P.S. §11-1138.1 et seq. and must be part of an approved plan for building educators' skills over the long term.

All certified educators must complete 180 hours of professional development every five years. The 180-hour requirement can be met with:

  • Six college credits; six credits of continuing professional education courses;
  • 180 hours of continuing professional education programs, activities or learning experiences; or
  • Any combination of collegiate studies, continuing professional education courses, or other programs, activities or learning experiences equivalent to 180 clock hours.

For the purposes of calculating hours and credits, one semester credit of collegiate study or continuing professional education coursework is equivalent to 30 hours of professional development.

* More information on the PA CLE website.

** More information on the Pennsylvania Department of Education website.


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