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    aggressive learned behavior of Bullying


    Schools: 75% of students have witnessed or have been the target by 9th grade. (CDC)

    Workplace: 94% of staff have been a target or witness. (Monster.com)

    An estimated 50-75% of bullying is not reported. (CDC)


    It seems we are losing a generation of leaders and innovators. It may be an unintended side effect of our current institutions, mindset, and generations of people living with trauma. Status quo and regression seem to be a safe, structured neat little box format for learning and education. Many students are being left behind or do not fit into the box, creating a growing group of at-risk students. Even worse are the labels and disenfranchised students left with little or no choices.

    Become a member of the Camel Coalition to end bullying that leads to violence in our communities.

    With your donation(pay what you can), you will receive a Camel Coalition Member logo (digital file) you can print and proudly display anywhere, even on your social media profile. With your annual membership of $25.00 or more, you will receive a package with Stop Bullying - I Care! bangles and a variety of other stickers and information to be part of the movement. Throughout the year you will receive updates and a few other surprise gifts from The Camel Project!

    Membership donations of over $50.00 will receive a perfect-bound copy of the book Not All Camels Are In The Desert: An amazing personal story of a life turned around. Signed by our executive director, Pamela Gockley, the volume offers insights into the thoughts and events that led to her founding The Camel Project.

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    Join the Camel Coalition


    Become a member of the Camel Coalition. Click here now!

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