Workplace Bullying

    Bullying Prevention and Elimination Initiative for Adults:

    To provide a safe bullying-free "protected zone" at school, at home, and at work. Bullying can happen in any school, organization, and in any business in any industry. Bullying elimination policies and procedures need to be in place, and updated, and enforced on a regular basis and combined with a solid support system implemented to assist any victims of bullying.


    Why start or review a current Bullying Prevention/Elimination Initiative? Because "it's estimated that 25% - 50% of people in the workplace has been the victim of bullying."
    --Source Investopedia


    Impacts and costs to business of bullying:

    1. Company reputation
    2. Employee turnover
    3. Legal and litigation
    4. Lost productivity
    5. Medical stress causing depression and possible suicide
    6. Increase in insurance costs
    7. Low morale
    8. Lost time

    "Certified Bullying Free" Work Environment Program, an Employer implemented and sponsored benefit based program

    The Camel Project's mission is to eliminate bullying from the workplace by creating a bullying-free environment with a unified mindset. We advise and facilitate members of your leadership and staff with the goal of defining clear expectations, policies, and procedures leading to achieving our "Certified Bullying Free" designation. A "Certified Bullying Free" company will attract and retain high-performing staff and leadership.


    • To motivate and empower your leadership and staff to actively work towards ending all types of workplace bullying
    • Increased revenue by reducing the loss of productivity
    • Lessening any legal liability caused by a hostile work environment.

    B.E.L.L.Y. (Building Emotional Long-term Love for Yourself):

    B.E.L.L.Y. is a goal-oriented, growth-focused understanding of thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions through interactive, experiential curriculum and exercises. Sessions are facilitated by Pam Gockley, Executive Director of The Camel Project. Pam is also a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) practitioner.

    We engage with participatory/interactive activities to define over-thinking or inaccurate thinking with your head (analytical) and your heart (emotional). We look to the B.E.L.L.Y. to balance our thinking.

    Free, online BELLY sessions are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday.

    Click here to enroll and learn more.


    Mindfulness or Mindlessness Round Table:


    "Even though it may be difficult to tabulate the exact costs that an employer faces when a bully is operating within the organization, there is little doubt that there are financial impacts. Despite this dismal fact, some researchers suggest that workplace bullying may actually be on the rise. There's little doubt that happy employees invest more in the success of the organizations that employ them, so wise employers will take heed and do what they can to increase productivity, employee retention and morale through taking a hard stance on the issue of workplace bullying." --Source Investopedia


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