The Camel Caravan Community Advocacy Vehicle

    The Camel Project is very proud to add* a new champion to the mission of bullying elimination, The Camel Caravan. The goal is to increase awareness and educate communities to end this gateway preventable behavior. We partner to implement bullying interventions plans for whole-community wellness.

    The Camel Caravan (a.k.a. a 40ft long community advocacy bus) travels around the country to further The Camel Project mission: dedicated to assisting communities, including schools, organizations, and individuals to change the culture of violent and unacceptable behaviors that result in trauma and abuse. It will create visibility and attention on a community seeking a “go big or go home” statement for a healthy environment. The Camel Caravan can create a huge impact, and build momentum and awareness about bullying and other unwanted behaviors and activities. The community as a whole will take control and develop a consistency of vision for the community.

    Why a 40ft Vehicle?

    Why not? The impact and optics of a 40ft rolling billboard will capture the curiosity of the community. A Caravan appearance causes a buzz and becomes a catalyst for a community outreach event to engage at-risk youth in under-served communities.

    During on-site visits, The Camel Caravan is self-contained and carries its own 120-volt electrical generator and does not need to be tethered to outside power. It carries an exterior HD television or it can use its modern HDMI data projector and screen for outside presentations. There also is a 23 ft long retractable awning mounted on the vehicle to provide shade or in case of inclement weather.

    Who would benefit from a visit by The Camel Caravan?

    The overall community benefits from a visit: civic organizations, businesses, schools, religious centers, and residents.

    Does your company engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate giving? In today's marketing customers are aware of corporations that actively participate in causes that further social good. This pursuit of high ethical standards drives good public relations for the business.

    A company is judged on its activities locally. In a global study, 91% of consumers said they were likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality.

    If your company is looking to make a huge impact that makes a social statement and increases your reputation as a supportive leader in the community, look no further. Your company can host a visit by the Caravan where current and soon-to-be customers gather at your location for a book signing, games, and other activities. The visit will be promoted to local media and community leaders will be invited to participate.

    Your sponsorship of The Camel Project includes The Camel Caravan

    Sponsorship packages include signage on The Camel Caravan that shows your support for the The Camel Project's mission everywhere the vehicle goes. Plus, 2-hour visits to your location(s) can be arranged.

    Contact Us Today about Sponsorship Opportunities. Be Part Of The Solution!


    * Disclaimer/How we have the Caravan

    Use of The Camel Caravan vehicle has been provided gratis to The Camel Project LLC by a generous donor. It is privately owned by the donor and not owned by The Camel Project LLC. Its use, but not ownership, is donated to The Camel Project LLC by the private owner. The Caravan is a non-commercial promotional vehicle only; no Camel Project activities take place within the vehicle and no members of the general public may enter the unit. Please contact The Camel Project LLC if you'd like more information.

    Coming Events

    The Camel Project presents and/or attends events and trainings nationwide. Contact us for more information on bringing The Camel Project/Camel Caravan to your event, school, or business. Events that include an appearance by the Camel Caravan are marked with *.

    Project Peace March*
    Saturday, June 1, 2024
    Noon to 3 pm
    Central Middle School
    12th and Walnut Sts.
    Reading, PA.
    Learn more...

    ChalkPalooza: Chalk & Bubble Festival*
    Saturday, September 7th, 2024
    10 am to 2 pm
    Renninger’s Market, Pavilion #2
    740 Noble Street, Kutztown, PA 19530
    Everyone Can Draw!
    Family Friendly day of creativity and kindness.
    Special Car Show!
    Learn more...

    The Camel Project Presents the 6th Annual Camel Trot 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run & Walk*
    Sunday November 3, 2024
    10:00 am
    Reading Regional Airport
    Rt. 183
    Reading, PA.
    Learn more...

    More events soon. Please check back.


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