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    Pamela S Gockley
    Executive Director/Founder 

    “It starts with you, but it’s not about you!” – Reputation Factor® Philosophy

    Pam GockleyIn 1996, Pamela S. Gockley co-founded a small technology company in rural Pennsylvania. Grumpy Graphics' main focus was graphic design and website development. Be being deeply immersed in technology over the years, Pam was able to spot industry trends in not only business but consumer buying behaviors. Her expertise in technology and consumer behaviors proved to be a winning combination. She began focusing on transitioning businesses in Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing, teaching her trademarked Reputation Factor™ strategy.

    By 2009, after the world economic crash, the company’s mission was to transition businesses from a traditional business-centric branding strategy to a modern, customer-centric, reputation-based strategy.

    In her third book, Not All Camels are in the Desert, she shares her story of how she broke negative cycles that started early in her life. She survived depression, an undiagnosed learning disability, drug abuse, bullying, and quitting school in 9th grade.

    Leveraging the Reputation strategy, she founded The Camel Project. Because of her personal experience starting at age 12, Pam is taking a stand and creating a movement called, "Stop Bullying – I Care”. Bullying has affected millions of people all over the world, oftentimes forcing an ill-prepared student or adult to cope with frustration, dysfunction, isolation, drug abuse, and depression. This ignored segment of our society, without support, festers into anger, causing outbursts of violence or suicide, or both.

    The Camel Project’s mission is to not only raise awareness but to provide a toolbox of essential skills Pam needed but did not have, as a student. The skills are for anyone who has experienced bullying, in school, in the workforce, or at home because thoughts and prayers are no longer enough.

    Are you ready to support the movement? Bring Pam in to inspire, educate and encourage your group or school.


    • Reading Area Community College, A.A., Business Management
    • Kutztown University, B.A., Political Science

    Member: International Bullying Prevention Association

    Certifications and Training:


    • Pennsylvania Child Abuse: 
      Certification ID: ZF6KSSPUBV
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal History:
      TCN: DPW6180959

    Books by Pam:

    • Not All Camels Are In The Desert: An amazing personal story of a life turned around.
    • A Blaze of Kindness: Slinky and Laptop's Backyard Adventure
    • The Reputation Factor™: Repositioning to Succeed,
    • The Art of Running Red Lights: Business Innovation with Reputation


    • Best 50 Outstanding Business Women in Pennsylvania
    • Entrepreneurial Achievement Award from Kutztown University Small Business Development Center
    • LV Business’ 25 Women of Influence
    • Woman of M2M, Connected World Magazine


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    The Camel Project Library

    Click on the covers for purchasing options.

    Grades K - 5th

    Slinky & Laptop's Backyard Adventures teach children about kindness, compassion, and empathy.

    Grades 6 - 12
    Available in print, kindle & audio

    This book is for everyone, young and old, who has been labeled and put in a box and is ready to bust out of that box and smash those labels.

    College - Adult

    Available: print and kindle

    A focus on that intangible yet priceless factor called reputation, making it the cornerstone of setting self, company, and career on a strong success track.

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